L. Scott Urmey BS, MSW, LCSW, TEP 

Scottie is a certified trainer, educator, and practitioner by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy and approved Clinical Social Work Supervisor in New Jersey. She graduated Saint Peter's College with a BS in Clinical Psychology & Cognitive Processing and she worked as a research assistant in the Psychology Department. After St. Peter's, Scottie studied at Monmouth University's Graduate School of Social Work.


After graduating, Scottie was a therapist at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in the Children's Partial Hospital and Therapeutic Nursery. Following her time at Jersey Shore, she was the Senior Clinician at the Intensive Outpatient Program at Monmouth Medical Center. Additionally, she was the Senior Clinician of a program through the Mental Health Association of Monmouth County for a program that assisted those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.


A culmination of more than 20 years of training and experience, Scottie founded Psychodrama New Jersey in 2012 as an institute of psychodrama training and psychotherapy. With a solid foundation in creative arts therapies, psychological research, and teaching to post-graduate level students, she welcomes opportunities for advanced level teaching and research involvement.

Scottie at Grand Canyon after 2016 ASGPP Awards

Currently, Scottie teaches Psychodrama & Group Psychotherapy as an adjunct professor in the Psychological Counseling Department at Monmouth University. She also teaches Clinical Supervision at Monmouth University School of Social Work Professional Education Program, a state required 20-hour course to become approved as a Clinical Social Work Supervisor in NJ. Scottie serves on the Application Review Committee of the NASW NJ CE Approval Collaborative. She is a founding member of the NJ Chapter of ASGPP (Psychodrama Collaborative). In addition, she facilitates trainings, workshops, and group therapy in addition to individual and couples therapy at Psychodrama New Jersey.


In addition to her passion for teaching others about social work and psychodrama, her interests include:

  • clinical applications and efficacy of psychodrama,

sociometry and group psychotherapy

  • compassion fatigue

  • primary and secondary trauma

  • professional burn-out, self-care & sustainability

  • professional ethics

  • mindfulness meditation

  • positive psychology

  • and environmental justice.

Scottie received the 2014 Alumni of the Year Award from Monmouth University School of Social Work (07’), 2014 Volunteer Award from the Mental Health Association of Monmouth County for contributions made post-Super storm Sandy, and the 2016 ASGPP Collaborators Award for her long time work with Ronald Collier as psychodrama trainers and educators.

Scottie at the Grand Canyon after the

2016 ASGPP Awards in Phoenix, AZ

By L. Scott Urmey, MSW, LCSW, CP

The technique of doubling is rooted in Moreno’s theory of child development. According to Moreno our caregivers first double us. Beginning in infancy, our early caregivers double us by interpreting our cries, sounds, and body language and responding to us. It is through this interaction that we begin to identify and name our internal and external experience of our world. 

Ethics in Action

By Ronald Collier, MSW, LCSW, TEP & L. Scott Urmey, MSW, LCSW, CP

This article is based on several presentation of the same name. The article discusses Social Work ethics and the PAASS model, developed by Collier & Urmey, which applies the 4 cornerstones of psychodrama (i.e. role theory, sociometry, spontaneity & creativity theory, and action interventions) to understanding, looking at, and resolving ethical or personal dilemmas. The acronym PAASS stands for Process, Adequate, Action, Self-Care, and Support. 

Psychodrama: Important Terms Defined

By L. Scott Urmey, MSW, LCSW, CP

This article offers definition of terms for understanding the practice of psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy.

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