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JL Moreno conducting group therapy
JL Moreno


The word "Psychodrama" comes from the Greek word "psyche" meaning mind and "drama" meaning action. Psychodrama can be understood as the exploration of the mind through action. This creative art therapy approach uses skillfully and gently guided action techniques to enact scenes from life in an effort to gain new insight, develop understanding, express unexpressed feelings, and practice new behaviors. 

JL Moreno

The triadic system of psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy was created by Jacob Levy Moreno, M.D., 1889-1974. The majority of Moreno's theories were formulated between the years 1908-1925 but he continued to develop his theories throughout his life with his wife Zerka. The goals of treatment include cognition, behavior, catharsis, and interpersonal connection. Moreno rooted his method for achieving these goals in his theories of child development, role theory, sociometry, and theories of creativity and spontaneity.


Those trained and educated in psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy help individuals and groups explore their challenges in creative ways intended to initiate meaningful action in the lives of their clients'. Psychodrama treatment provides individuals, groups, and families the opportunity to explore interpersonal relations, express feelings, and find resolution for issues within one's self as well as transcendent aspects of human experience. An alternative or supplement to traditional talk therapy, treatment provides new perspectives & opportunities for clients who feel "stuck".

Jacob Levy Moreno, MD


Austrian-American psychiatrist 

Founder of psychodrama and pioneer of group psychotherapy

Jacob L Moreno conducting psychodrama group therapy.

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